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The Konzen Pulse Motor Part 3


Here is the very latest positioning of pickup/splatter coils around the stator "motor" coil:

Here is photo of a close-up of a pickup/splatter coil with an iron core (5/16"welding stock) and very thin windings:


Study below on how to test for HP:


This is a new direction in the motor project - harnessing the electromagnetic-flux-energy "splatter" or "vectoring flux lines" of the colliding motor coils through pickup coils mounted at 90 degrees from the gap between the colliding coils. This energy seems to be amplified and accelerated from the coils-collision!

Collecting this energy has no affect on the speed or power of the motor and right now can produce spikes of 240-300volts. this is HV and dangerous to work with - rubber gloves are a must when testing this low-amp high-voltage "splatter energy".

The "C-thru" motor has lit up four 15 watt flourescent bulbs in series at 2500 rpm/24V input (this is at 24V please note) from the high voltage emitting from the four clusters of "splatter coils" mounted 90 degrees next to the air gap of the N-N electromagnetic colliding and pulsing "motor" coils.
Here is a photo of the insides of a new "C-thru" motor; note how there are two clusters of pickup/splatter coils, one on each side of one of the stator motor coils. (these should contain and catch almost all the vectoring "just in a head-on collision" electromagnetism)

The photo below shows the adjustable timing mechanism using two spinning magnets that trigger a magnetic reed switch that in turn trips a mosfet relay in order to send the pulse-current into the motor-coils.
The magnetic reed switch is held in place by an adjustable plastic plate that changes the timing of the firings by simply rotating the plate.

Here is a view of permanent magnets (purple) mounted just past the stator motor-coils in the rotation that provide a lot more power through the smacking oscillations of the energized rotor bouncing off them. These magnets can double triple the torque and speed of the motor and add no extra current draw!!

This motor has a total of 20 pickup/splatter coils in clusters of 5 mounted with clear plastic plates. Here is a photo of a plastic plate with two clusters mounted on it:

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