My Experiments with the above circuit.

Please note I believe the experiment was first performed by John Bedini

John Bedini's website

I first heard of it from I first heard of it from Jerry Decker Keelynet website.


3 six volt batteries and connect as in diagram as above.

One everyready industrial 6 volt battery

And two cheaper sweda brand 6 volt batteries.

I doubt batteries brand make any difference.

One filament lamb globe rated at six volts.

Day one

Connected batteries as per circuit.

Although the diagram does not seem to make sense the bulbs are actually connected to positive terminals.

The lamp globe lit brightly for approximately one hour and then began to dim gradually and continued to do so.

I left the light bulb connected for approximately for four hrs from 6.30pm to 10 .30 pm

I though that by disconnecting batteries and rearranged them I could get more power out.

Found bottom 6 volt battery total dead and was unable to continue the experiment.

Day Two

Replaced the apparently dead battery and tried the experiment again

The globe glowed bright for approximately 1 hr and then started to dim as per day one..

I left the globe in placed and there was a glow of decreasing intensity for 24 hrs and then the small glow present in lamp was unable to be observed coming from the light bulb....

Disconnected all batteries and left for 6 hours. Overnight.

The batteries were placed on top of a 51 cm TV and the Television in standby mode overnight.

No discernable connection was made between batteries and the TV

Day Three

Tested all batteries separately and found all still held a good charge and lit the 6 volt globe. when connected across each of the battery terminals in turn..

I expected to find one battery total dead as per first day.

Two batteries glowed the bulb to a lesser degree than the third battery.

Reconnected batteries in the same circuit as before and at present observing reasonable bright glow.

Will see how long the globe will remain lit.

Day Four

The batteries combination and globe has been lit from 8.30pm until 2.00 am the next morning the brigthness of globe seemed not to dim and remained at constant intensity.

By touching the light bulb with hand does not seem to be heating up as is normal with ordinary bulb and touch battery setup.

The colour given off by light bulb seems to more of a copper red light and not the normal white bright light.

These claims are difficult to prove as I have no light measuring apparutus to make accurate measurements.

I awoke at and found the brightness had decreased and so I disconnected the light globe from circuit at this time and checked one battery and it seemed dead.

I have also noticed interference appearing on a television set nearby (approx 2 feet away) during operation of said circuit.

The interfernce does not seemed to affect our local transmitters reception situated approx 5 kilometers away from us.

But seems very pronounced on TV channels on distant channel reception on channels 7 9 and 10 The picture and reception on these channel is almost crystal clear but an annoying cracking noise and a pattern that could be caused by a high voltage discharge or a faulty switching faulty relay seems to be causing the interference,both which we don't have here.

It seems to have effected reception on channel 9 the greatest

To receive the distant TV channels we have 60 foot antenna and booster equipment and this normally enables reception on most but not all nights a good reception from these distant TV transmitters.

The three channels are located in our state capital Adeliade approx 200 kilometers from us although the distance is propably shorter cross country.

Channel seven has frenquency of 181-188 megahertz
channel nine has a frequency of 195-202 megaherts
channel ten has a frequency of 209-216 megahertz

Australian TV stations are transmitted in The Pal format.

The television set mentioned is a 51 cm Panasonic TV.

Day 5

At approx ten am following morning checked all batteries with light globe placed on each individual terminal an again and found all batteries have a charge enough to put out normal white glow of bulb.

The white light from each battery does not seem to have been reduced in strength from previous day

Reconnected circuit as before and found globe is still glowing although brightness is not as great as previous day and seems to be only a pin pick at centre of filament.

after three hours the globe is still burning

Day Six and seven

It appears my observation that the battery setup was causing interference to the TV of previous day was incorrect.

The batteries were not connected for some time and interference has continued so it seems interference is coming from some other source.

The battery circuit is now only glowing very dimly and so was disconnected,

I connected the three batteries in parallel and left for six hours without a load across terminals.

Connected batteries as per circuit illustration above and bulb again glowed for approx 7 hrs and as so went dim gradually again.

Disconnected the batteries and left to stand for 8 hrs.

Recharged battery in parallel setup again for 6 hrs

Tested the Blue battery by itself by connecting globe across blue battery (in photo) terminals and tested to see how long battery and globe together glowed.

The result the lightbulb glowed for approxiamately 6 hrs and gradually reduced light output strength over this time period until battery seemed exhausted.

Tried to recharge battry using parallel connection as previously mentioned. result not encouraging and now consider this battery is know totally dead and useless.

The other two batteries remain still holding a charge and the light bulb glows about 1/3- 1/2 strength of brightness when placed across each set of battery terminals as compared to when the batteries were brand new.

Experiment has now concluded.

From my observation it seems that something interesting is happening

Normally I would have expected all batteries to be totally dead after 6-12 hrs but this was not the case.

What Iím not sure ,but I encourage you to the experiment for yourself.

If you have performed this experiment yourself I would like to know what your results were.

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