The Joe Cell

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The Joe cell is an alleged free-energy device said to be capable of running motor vehicles without fuel.

The device has the appearance of a domed, sealed electrolysis cell and is connected to the engine via an aluminium tube. It contains no moving parts but is required to be filled with water 'charged' by a particular method. When the device is functional the engine operates, appears to develop more power than usual, operates at lower than ambient temperature and does not use either gasoline or water. That is, the cell does not operate by dissolution of the water into hydrogen and oxygen. No voltage is applied to the cell when running, except in cases where the cell may be 'leaky'.

The device was invented in the early 1990s by a New South Wales resident, "Joe", who after a serious car accident suffered a near-death-experience. As a consequence Joe claims to have developed psychic abilities. He claims to be able to manifest strong healing powers and also to make psychic readings from the examination of exploded party balloons. In addition to the cell, Joe has invented various other subtle energy and water magnetisation devices under the instruction of a higher spiritual power.

There have been a number of attempts to reproduce these devices by various parties, however to date most have not been  successful. There appear to be various subtle factors required to get the cell to work, but since Joe works mainly by intuition he is not always able to specify precisely why any particular configuration of cell not constructed by him is non-functional. Some claim that Joe is a fraud and that the cell is bogus. Others claim to have constructed cells that operate successfully. One of the latter is Alex Schiffer, a free energy researcher from Melbourne, who has recently produced the Experimenter's Guide to the Joe Cell which gives instructions on how to build a functioning cell.

As of August 1999, Joe cell kits were available from Robert Craig. But now seems to be unavailable, The photograph below (taken by the author in early September) shows a batch of machined cell parts in Mr Craig's workshop.

The notion that the cell is a transducer, collector or generator of 'orgone', 'psychic, 'chi', 'prana' or similar energetic concept is given credence by recent anectdotal stories. In one instance, a vehicle said to be operating on the cell levitated off the ground, yet was nevertheless able to be driven and steered normally with the wheels not touching the ground. In another instance, related by Robert Craig, a visitor to his workshop caused a 'breeding' cell to react abnormally merely by the presence of that particular visitor in the vicinity of the cell. The water began to pulse in an agitated fashion, and appeared to recede into the tubes. A photograph of the cell in this condition is available. 


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