Electricity out of thin Air Part 2.

Author Richard A Edwards from an article published in Nexus New times magazine December 1994 -January 1995

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Tapping the Earth's Free Electricity Part 2

Now, the Earth's magnetic field. From Tandy's I had bought a roll of aluminium conducting ribbon as used in window burglar alarms. It cost about AUD$7. Around the cardboard packet the solar panel came in, I wound some of the ribbon, securing it here and there with sticky tape, to make a flat coil. To each end of the ribbon I connected about three metres of plasdc-covered wire flex. We will come back to that shortly. I connected the flat coil between the naked panel and the multimeter.

Is it all clear to you? A simple series. Battery to naked panel to flat coil to multimeter to battery. Fluorescent light source in a separate circuit. Diagrams are not necessary. Once you have the hardware in front of you, it will become stunningly simple.

All systems go. At about 3.00 pm one afternoon three years ago I set up the rig. My wife, our four kids and I, feeling pretty silly, sat to wait and see what, if anything, would happen. The volts read about 2 volts. The amps read about 2 milliamps.

Nothing by 4.00 p.m. Still the same. I put on a pair of insulating washing-up gloves to make sure the electricity in my body would not be a factor. I picked up the flat coil. I moved it all about in all planes. Up. Down. Sideways. Twist. WOW! Volts and amps rose and dived all over the place. I satisfied myself that I had found the highest orientation reading-about 3.5 volts and about 5 milliamps-then propped the coil permanently in that position on the table simply by jamming it between books.

The sun set about 7.00 pm. About 8.00 pm, volts and amps began to rise. By 9.00 pm they had reached about 5 volts and I0 milliamps. They stayed there until about an hour before dawn. Then they dropped back to 3 volts and 5 mifliamds.

My family and I were stunned. Far better than I had dreamedl Many nights of monitoring and analysing since have revealed various times of increase. Sometimes before sunset, sometimes hours after. My house is near the ocean. Sometimes the wind would be offshore, sometime onshore. You can form your own conclusions. I have formed mine.

On rare occasions a strange thing happened. During crystalclear weather, day or night but much more noticeably at night the volts and amps would swiftly fall, stay down for varying periods from a few minutes up to an hour or so, then swiftly rise again. There was no tangible variable in the enviromnent. My family and I were most perplexed. One midnight the volts and amps were at the lowest reading we had seen at any time of day or night. That was when I noticed the Moon was full and directly overhead. I have formed my own conclusions. You can form yours.

But the party had not yet warmed UP.

The summer electrical storm season was due to begin. That what I wanted to see. During the ensuing two years of monitoring and analysing we had many electrical storms. This is briefly what happened. When rain fell, day or night, volts and amps immediately leapt, sometimes trebling from whatever they were reading, and stayed up until at least ten minutes after the rain stopped. When a nearby lightning flash occurred, volts and amps went so high and fluctuated so wildly that it was and still is difficult to comprehend the enorinity of what we were seeing.

But the party had still not yet got hot So far the hardware was only stationary. What would happen if it were moving? Would it harvest more free electrons like a baleen whale harvests plankton while cruising through the ocean with its mouth open? Let's fmd out.

I rang an energy management consultancy in Perth which I selected from the Yellow Pages on the basis that it was in the CBD, thus accessible to me by public transport. I am a virtually penniless invalid pensioner so I have to do everything in the cheapest possible way. I gave them a verbal rundown. They arranged an appointment at their office for two days later. I bought another new GM684-SP60-I2v and took it to the office. I did nothing. I touched nothing. I just talked. They stripped the panel naked, connected it to a meter on volts and another meter on amps, put a D battery in the circuit (connected to and operating a transistor radio to keep it less than full, I guess, though I must admit I couldn't follow half of what they were doing-they are scientists), placed the lot in the sun and notated the readings: 2.8 volts, and I didn't catch the amps.

Them young whippersnappers were going too fast for this old cougar. We all boarded one of their cars and went driving along a freeway. One of the scientists held the naked panel out the passenger window in the sun. The rest of the equipment was inside. As the car accelerated to the speed limit, the volts climbed to 8 volts and the amps likewise trebled. I will resist the temptation to tart up this report with their superlatives. You can use your imagination. I thanked them for their help, left and have not seen them Since to have a good yarn, though we keep in touch. I will not name them. This whole report might turn out to be a fizzer and they have their hard-earned reputadons. I don't have that problem.

The only problem I have is to make this

report as clear as I possibly can so you can take over.

I then figured out that a multidirectional coil might be the best way to go for the Earth's magnetic field electron accelerator.

It struck me that a vehicle powered by the work-up from the knowledge base I had so far gathered, or an electric train, trolley bus or other public transport electric vehicle harvesting by hardware on top and feeding the harvest into the existing electricity distribudon grid, would of course be confinually changing direction and the flat coil wouldn't be correctly orientated except now and then.I bought two aluminium rods, I m x 5 m mm x 2 mm, costing $5. I wound them around a bottle to make two coils the shape of a small banel-loaf of bread. I attached them at right angles to each other on a snarl Plank and nailed two Pieces of wood to the underside of the plank .

Thus I made a slot between them so the rig would would sit on the passenger window of my car. When I wound the window up the rig jammed in Position like one Of those indicator arms on the old car I used to drive in my youth.

I connected a diode to one end. A packet of 10 cost me about $2 at Tandy's. Next, I connected the two coils together with a bit of flex wire.Then I hung the yellow multimeter on the passenger side interior sunvisor were I could see it while driving

I connected from the car battery to the multimeter to the double coil back to the battery. Parking the car in my drive way SO the passenger side was in the sun,

I took the rig off the window and moved it around to find the lowest reading: about 8 Millivolts. Didn't bother about amps (wouldn't be any)

Just.a simple direction test. I stood in front of the rig to block out the sun. About 4 millivolts. heat factor established. To eliminate extraneous factors Of Power lines, media transmissions et al.

I drove into the middle of several school playing fields, several miles apart,taking a couple of my sons in case these tired old old eyes deceived themselves.

Driving around in circles, the volts climbed astonishingly in some directions and dived equally startlingly in others. I found the highest reading to be in a generally southern orientation, moving or stationary.

The volts read I80 millivolts-an increase percentage too mind in boggling for me to say more.

I have tried to make this report as accurate as I can but Im' only human,

just as fallible as you. I've figured it out the best I can. I can offer no qualifications I left school as a scholastic disaster when I turned 15 more than forty years ago and have had no schooling since. Magazine reader-land is choc-a-bloc with minds much better than mine. If You see hope in it, if you think it might be somethinp_more than the dreams of a bored, stiff old bludger and want to investigate it further in a proper scientific manner, fine. Its all yours. I seek no money and less fame. I couldn't proceed any further if the world gave me a blank cheque, the best electronic laboratory on the planet and the finest scientific minds to help me. I believe those things are you I would be pleased to receive mail direct-

ed via this magazine.

This article was printed in The Australian Nexus new magazine December 1994- January 1995 and has been reproduced here because of numerous requests for this info I have seen on various newsgroups

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