Photos of the 3 Cone Device

...and the rebuild of some parts after the explosion

(This device is very small compared to David Hamel 's 55 gallon drum experiment and is claimed to have worked.)

(This small prototype was designed and built by Chris Felton.)
  Chris's Construction Details

Various views of the 3 Cone Device before explosion
  Chris's Construction Details


Oscillator Base with glass marbles

Another view of oscillator base

Bottom half of oscillator base with disc magnet and cups

View of cone being magnetically suspended inside wooden frame

Gluing magnets on cone

Improved top lid of device with bolt to adjust top rejection magnet distance

Underside of above lid showing rejection magnet attached to adjustable bolt

View from the point of cone

Rebuilt cone after disintegration - notice small dents on the upper half of cone

Rebuilding cone after disintegration - notice small hole in right upper quadrant

Notice small disc magnet placed half way up inside of cone!

Close up view of round, "no center hole", disc magnets used in device

Side view of top most cone


Chris's Construction Details

This page and drawings copied from this Hameltech website

If you further interested in the hamel flying disk project check out their Full website for photos and diagrams and tech information on building one.

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